Omni Controller: A multi-functional competitive gaming controller designed for accessible one handed use.

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The Ohio State University

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Many social activities require the use of two arms. This leads to children and young adults being left out of social activities, such as competitive gaming. When you play online, you are only judged on your game-play ability, but due to the current market, those without the use of two hands miss out on the opportunity to socialize and profit from the growing popularity of competitive gaming. I propose to create a controller which brings those with use of only one hand into this community. The controller needs to be lightweight to prevent fatigue and allow extended use. It also needs be used with only one hand, but can utilize other body parts to control buttons used more often. Button mapping should be used to fit the needs of multiple users based on ability. The design quality needs to match or exceed that of current controllers to keep a level playing field. The controller should be accessible by all one handed players, regardless of ability and must be playable by a wide audience.