We are pleased to deliver the fifth volume of Buckeye East Asian Linguistics. This volume includes two papers (Ito et al. and Tobaru) from the Third Buckeye East Asian Linguistics Forum in 2018, which were not included in Buckeye East Asian Linguistics Volume 4, three keynote speakers' abstracts and eight proceeding articles from the Fourth Buckeye East Asian Linguistics Forum in 2021. The biennium BEAL Forum was previously held in October 2014, 2016, and 2018. However, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the fourth Forum was postponed and held on Friday, March 5, 2021, via Zoom, The Ohio State University (OSU) Columbus campus (http://u.osu.edu/beal/).

ISSN 2378-9387


Front Matter
pp. i-iv
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Referential and Non-referential (Im)politeness: The Use of Honorifics in Face-attacking Acts in a Japanese Company's Orientation Meeting
Cook, Haruko Minegishi p. 1
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Languages and Cultures in Action: Snippets of Interactions from Singapore
Luke, Kang-kwong p. 2
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Wh-words in East Asian Languages: Intonation and Meaning
Yun, Jiwon p. 3
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How Native Japanese Speakers Solve Ambiguous Relative Clauses in Their L1 and L2: Evidence from the Self-paced Reading of Japanese and English
Ito, Kanae; Koizumi, Masatoshi; Kiyama, Sachiko pp. 4-12
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Style Shifting as a Measurement of Linguistic and Cultural Improvement during Education Abroad in Japan
Tobaru, Hiromi pp. 13-21
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The Narrative Functions of Perfective Auxiliaries in Early Heian Kundokubun Texts
Bundschuh, John pp. 22-32
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Gender in Japanese Youth Language
Cao, Yuning pp. 33-42
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Loanword Adaptation in Japanese Kansai Dialect
Hattori, Yuki pp. 43-51
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A Preliminary Survey of Linguistic Areas in East Asia Based on Phonological Features
Joo, Ian; Hsu, Yu-Yin pp. 52-59
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Bilingual Intonation in Cantonese-English Bilingual Children's Sentence-Final Particles
Lee, Jonathan Him Nok; Lai, Regine Yee King; Matthews, Stephen; Yip, Virginia pp. 60-70
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Tone Sandhi in Mono/Polysyllabic Single Words in Shanghai Chinese
Lyu, Jun pp. 71-82
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Dialect and Watershed Distributions in Shaanxi Province and the Jiang-Huai Area in China
Wang, Ke pp. 83-93
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Deriving Separable Verbs in Cantonese
Yip, Ka-Fai; Lee, Tommy Tsz-Ming; Chan, Sheila Shu-Laam pp. 94-104
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