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dc.contributorMorrison, Hannah Grace
dc.contributorVieira, Leila
dc.contributorProvenzano, Angela M.
dc.contributorSampaio, Jacqueline
dc.contributorDíaz, Ana Gisela
dc.contributorTakahashi, Henrique
dc.contributorPadilla, Yesenia Alvarez
dc.contributorRubalcava, Rolando
dc.contributorBerrios, Carlos
dc.contributorGarcia, Lidia
dc.contributorMorales, Liz
dc.contributorFoulis, Elena
dc.contributorShipley, Caroline
dc.contributorDalea, Natalie N.
dc.contributorRiva, Sara
dc.contributorDel Toro, Peyton Cristina
dc.contributor.editorRubalcava, Rolando
dc.identifier.citation¿Qué Pasa, Ohio State?, vol. 29, no. 1 (Autumn 2019)en_US
dc.description.abstractIssue includes: "Tripping in Translation" by Hannah Grace Morrison; "Latinx Edit-a-Thon" by Leila Vieira; "Todavía me acuerdo..." by Angela M. Provenzano; "Resignificando a própria Cultura: Carimbó, um ritmo musical amazônida?" by Jacqueline Sampaio; "Speaking Puerto Rican" by Ana Gisela Díaz; "Vai Pra Cuba!" by Henrique Takahashi; "Reflections on the collective impact of Latinx scholars" by Yesenia Alvarez Padilla; "A Walk Through the Exhibit" by Rolando Rubalcava; "Commencement: A Profile on Past Que Pasa Editors" by Carlos Berrios; "Introducing S.C.O.P.E at Ohio State University" by Lidia Garcia and Liz Morales; "Performing Our Histories" by Elena Foulis; "Yuyanakunawan sunqunchikwan k’askarikunkupuni" by Caroline Shipley; "This is Not a Translation of the Accompanying Text in Quechua" by Caroline Shipley; "Dr. Jill Galvan, An Advocate for Diversity in Humanities" by Natalie N. Dalea; "The Relevance of Latinx Studies" by Sara Riva; "SPF 0" by Peyton Cristina Del Toro.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsTripping in Translation -- Edit-a-Thon -- Todavia Me Acuerdo -- Resignificando a própria Cultura: Carimbó, um ritmo musical amazônida? -- Speaking Puerto Rican -- Vai Pra Cuba! -- Reflections on the Collective Impact of Latinx Scholars -- A Walk Through the Gallery -- Commencement: A Profile on Past Que Pasa Editors -- Introducing SCOPE to Ohio State University -- Performing Our Stories -- Yuyanakunawan sunqunchikwan k’askarikunkupuni -- This is Not a Translation of the Accompanying Text in Quechua -- Dr. Jill Galvan, An Advocate for Diversity in Humanities -- The Relevance of Latinx Studies -- SPF 0 -- Autumn '18 and Spring '19 Graduates.en_US
dc.publisherOhio State Universityen_US
dc.rightsThis item may be protected by copyright, and is made available here for research and educational purposes. The user is responsible for making a final determination of copyright status. If copyright protection applies, permission must be obtained from the copyright holder to reuse, publish, or reproduce the object beyond the bounds of Fair Use or other exemptions to the law.en_US
dc.title¿Qué Pasa, Ohio State? (Autumn 2019)en_US
dc.title.alternative¿Qué Pasa, OSU? (Autumn 2019)en_US

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