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Guest Editor's Introduction to Volume 5, Issue 2
DeKeseredy, Walter S.
pp. 160-161
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Thinking theoretically about male violence against women in rural places: A review of the extant sociological literature and suggestions for future theorizing
DeKeseredy, Walter S.; Rennison, Callie M.
pp. 162-180
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The impact of rurality on women's 'space for action' in domestic violence: Findings from a meta-synthesis
Farhall, Kate; Harris, Bridget; Woodlock, Delanie
pp. 181-203
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A perfect storm: Violence toward women in the Bakken oil patch
Ruddell, Rick; Britto, Sarah
pp. 204-227
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Violence against women of Belize in rural communities
Warren-Gordon, Kiesha
pp. 228-243
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#MeToo in regional, rural and remote Australia: An analysis of regional newspapers reports profiling the movement
Loney-Howes, Rachel; Fileborn, Bianca
pp. 244-275
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Intimate partner femicide in context: An examination of firearm type across the rural/urban divide
Mancik, Ashley M.; Stansfield, Richard; Kinard, Sylessia M.
pp. 276-299
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Fitting In: A Book Review Essay on Rural Prisons and Prisoner Re-entry through the Lens of a Rural Critical Criminology
Gido, Rosemary; Donnermeyer, Joseph F.
pp. 300-317
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