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dc.creatorKukolich, Stephen G.en_US
dc.creatorNelson, Albert C.en_US
dc.descriptionAuthor Institution: Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technologyen_US
dc.description.abstractThe molecular Zeeman effect was observed in methylene fluoride using a molecular beam maser spectrometer with the cavity in a 100 kilogauss magnetic field. This combination of high fields and high resolution (4 kHz at 22 GHz) provides unusually high resolution for these measurements. The rotational transition $3_{03} \rightarrow 2_{12}$ at 22 ,204 240 $\pm$ 2 kHz was observed in emission. The measured fluorine magnetic shielding anisotropics are $2\sigma_{cc} -\sigma_{aa} -\sigma_{bb}=-335. \pm 35$ ppm and $\sigma_{aa} -\sigma_{bb} =37 \pm 15$ ppm. Accurate susceptibility anisotropies and molecular quadrupole moments were also obtained.en_US
dc.format.extent78325 bytes
dc.publisherOhio State Universityen_US
dc.title$^{19}F$ CHEMICAL SHIFT ANISOTROPY IN $CH_{2}F_{2}$en_US

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