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dc.contributorVeder, William R.
dc.identifier.citationPolata Knigopisnaia: an Information Bulletin Devoted to the Study of Early Slavic Books, Texts and Literatures 5 (October 1981): 41-42.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis feature "Chronicle" reports on recent events in the field of Early Slavic, e.g., celebrations, conferences, symposia, etc. On March 21-24, 1981, in Birmingham, England, the Fifteenth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies was held on the topic of Byzantium and the Slavs. This announcement lists the presentations and their authors. See Polata Knigopisnaia v. 6 (December 1982): 55-63, for more information on this symposium.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe 15th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies included presentations by J. Allen, Gordana Babić, Ion Barnea, Yvonne Burns, Slobodan Ćurčić, Simon Franklin, Zaga Gavrilović, Vasil Gjuzelev, Muriel Heppell, Š. Holčik, Peregrine Horden, J. Howard-Johnston, Jana Howlett, F. Kitch, George Majeska, D. Markov, M. Martin, John Meyendorff, Robin Milner-Gulland, J. Opie, Danica Petrović, Günther Prinzing, Jonathan Shepard, Dimitrije Stefanović, G. Stričević, Francis J. Thomson, Vasilka Tŭpkova-Zaimova, William R. Veder, Miloš Velimirović, F. von Lilienfeld, Sara M. Wages, M. Whitby, S. White, E. Tonkin, and Dimitri Obolensky.en_US
dc.publisherWilliam R. Veder, Vakgroep Slavistiek, Katholieke Universiteit, Postbus 9103, 6500 HD Nijmegen (Holland)en_US
dc.subjectByzantium and the Slavsen_US
dc.subjectSpring Symposium of Byzantine Studies (Birmingham, UK)en_US
dc.subjectByzantine Chroniclesen_US
dc.subjectArt and Architectureen_US
dc.subjectSerbian Church Musicen_US
dc.subjectKievan Rus'en_US
dc.subjectJelena Anžujska, ca. 1236-1314en_US
dc.titleЛѣтопись: 21-24 March 1981: Birmingham. Fifteenth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies: Byzantium and the Slavsen_US

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