I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society
Volume 15, Issue 1-2, Spring 2019

On the Organization of the U.S. Government for Responding to Adversarial Information Warfare and Influence Operations
Lin, Herbert pp. 1-43
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"What is an 'Artificial Intelligence Arms Race' Anyway?"
Asaro, Peter pp. 45-64
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National Security Law & Emerging Technologies: Toward a Decisional Framework - Key Takeaways from the ABA-OSU Symposium and Jirga
Baker, James E. pp. 65-84
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The Prospective Impact of the General Data Protection Regulation on Entrepreneurship: A Roboadvisor Case Study
Ausley, Amber pp. 85-103
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Artificial Intelligence Effecting Human Decisions to Kill: The Challenge of Linking Numerically Quantifiable Goals to IHL Compliance
Schuller, Alan L. pp. 105-122
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Emerging Technologies, Law Enforcement Responses, and National Security
Dolliver, Diana S. pp. 123-150
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