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dc.creatorLi, X.
dc.creatorWan, F.
dc.creatorSumption, M.
dc.creatorCollings, E.
dc.creatorMyers, C.
dc.creatorShi, Z.
dc.identifier.citationPublished version: IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (Volume: 27, Issue: 4, June 2017) Article Sequence Number: 7300105.
dc.description.abstractConventional methods of Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2 precursor preparation are complicated and expensive. In this paper, we describe the mechanical alloying of precursor by high-energy ball milling and its processing to wires and tapes. Our approach is to high-energy ball-mill a starting mixture of Ba and K pieces with Fe and As powders. The resultant powders are packed into an Ag sheath and reduced by groove rolling or flat rolling. Critical current density measurements were performed on un-sintered wire and tape, and compared to the results of measurements on wire and tape sintered at 750 oC for 12 h. We achieved 6.98×104 A/cm2 at 4.2 K and self-field in the sintered tape. Our results indicate that the mechanical alloyed precursor and the resulting Ag-sheathed Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2 wires and tapes are promising but require further development.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. NSFC-U1432135), the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, and the Scientific Innovation Research Foundation of College Graduates in Jiangsu Province (KYZZ15_0053).en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsWe report the preparation of the mechanical alloyed Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2 precursor by high-energy ball milling. The mechanical alloyed precursor was successfully processed to Ag-sheathed wires and tapes by the ex-situ PIT method for the first time. The Tc based on magnetization measurements for the sintered wire (1.7 mm2) and tape was about 31 K. The largest transport Jc observed on the sintered tape was about 6.98×104 A/cm2 at 4.2 K and self-field. Both the sintered wire and tape still carried supercurrent in field of up to 10 T. The mechanical alloyed precursor is promising for 122-type wire/tape development.en_US
dc.rightsCopyright (c) 2016 IEEE. Personal use is permitted. For any other purposes, permission must be obtained from the IEEE by emailing
dc.subjectiron-based superconductoren_US
dc.subjectbal millingen_US
dc.titleFabrication and Superconductivity of Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2/Ag Wires and Tapes Using Mechanical Alloyed Precursoren_US

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