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Editor's Introduction to Volume 4, Issue 2
Donnermeyer, Joseph F.
pp. 135-137
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"Crime-Talk", Security and Fear in the Countryside: A Preliminary Study of a Rural Irish Town and Its Hinterland
Pytlarz, Artur; Bowden, Matt
pp. 138-172
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Victimization and Fear of Crime in Rural Tanzania
Neubacher, Frank; Faße, Anja; Bögelein, Nicole; Grote, Ulrike
pp. 173-192
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"You shouldn't worry walking a block and a half to your car": Perceptions of Crime and Community Norms in the Bakken Oil Play
Ulrich-Schad, Jessica D.; Fedder, Michael; Yingling, Julie
pp. 193-216
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The Impact of Faba Bean Theft in Rural Ethiopia: To Dispute or to Reside Together in Harmony?
Zekiwos-Gichamo, Tesfanesh; Karltun, Erik; Tolera, Motuma; Chiwona-Karltun, Linley
pp. 217-239
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Utilizing the National Incident-Based Reporting System to Further Our Understanding of Agricultural Theft
Osborne, Dustin L.; Swartz, Kristin; Stover, Andrew
pp. 240-257
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Easier Said than Done: Methodological Challenges in Exploring Prevalence of Mental Health Illness among Rural Jail Inmates in the United States
Rukus, Joseph; Kulkarni, Veena S.
pp. 258-272
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Crime Risks and Rural Routines: A Theoretical Examination of Guardianship Activities in Rural Areas
Hollis, Meghan E.; Hankhouse, Shannon
pp. 273-291
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The Impact of Road Networks on Crime Rates in Saudi Arabia
Algahtany, Mofza; Kumar, Lalit; Barclay, Elaine
pp. 292-311
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Intimate Violence Against Rural Women: The Current State of Sociological Knowledge
DeKeseredy, Walter S.
pp. 312-331
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