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dc.contributorFarr, Jacob N.
dc.contributorDelgadillo, Theresa
dc.contributorMartinez, Glenn
dc.contributorWainwright, Joel
dc.contributorNunez-Rodriguez, Evelin
dc.contributorPenez, Marlene
dc.contributorEspinoza de Montreuil, Nicole
dc.contributorEsquivel-King, Reyna
dc.contributorHastings, Megan
dc.contributorRivera, Cristina
dc.contributorCruz, John
dc.contributorAldama, Frederick L.
dc.contributorPodalsky, Laura
dc.contributorCosentino, Olivia
dc.contributorCabañas, Jaclyn
dc.contributorCoronado, Johana
dc.contributorFigueroa, Jumarie
dc.contributorDávila-Martin, Liane
dc.contributorGómez-Bellengé, Francisco
dc.contributorHernandez, J. Marcela
dc.contributor.editorEsquivel-King, Reyna
dc.identifier.citation¿Qué Pasa, Ohio State?, vol. 26, no. 1 (Autumn 2017)en_US
dc.description.abstractIssue includes: "United for Puerto Rico" by Jacob N. Farr; "Finding a Sense of Belonging" by Jacob Farr; "What is Latina/o Studies at OSU?" by Theresa Delgadillo; "Immigration, Education, and Race in 2017 Panel" by Glenn Martinez; "Ohio Latin Americanist Conference (OLAC) hosted at the Ohio State University" by Joel Wainwright; "Brown & Black Comics Extravaganza: SÕL-CON 2017" by Marlene Penez; "What is your dream?" by Nicole Espinoza de Montreuil; "Latin American Film Studies" by Reyna Esquivel-King; "CLAS Latin American Film Series" by Megan Hastings; "Entrevista: Una travesía de inmigración" by Jaclyn Cabañas; "Stop the Hate" by Johana Coronado; "Finding My Voice" by Jumarie Figueroa; "Venezuelan Dumplings" by Jacob N. Farr; "My Summer in Madrid: Combating Infectious Disease" by Liane Dávila-Martin; "Latino Vote Held Steady in 2016 compared to 2012" by Francisco Gómez-Bellengé; and "New Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Opens its Doors" by J. Marcela Hernandez.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsUnited for Puerto Rico -- Finding a Sense of Belonging -- Ohio State Hosts Distinguished Hispanic Ohioan Awards Gala -- Latinx Students Scholarships Awarded -- What is Latina/o Studies at OSU? -- Immigration, Education, and Race in 2017 Panel -- Ohio Latin Americanist Conference (OLAC) hosted at the Ohio State University -- Love Notes for Dreamers -- Brown and Black Comics Extravaganza: SÕL-CON 2017 -- What is your dream? -- Latin American Film Studies -- CLAS Latin American Film Series -- Latin American Film Studies Faculty and Student Research Interests -- Film Studies Collage -- Looking Backward, Looking Forward: U.S. Immigration in Cartoons and Comics -- Entrevista: Una travesía de inmigración -- Stop the Hate -- Finding my Voice -- Venezuelan Dumplings -- My Summer in Madrid: Combating Infectious Disease -- Latino Vote Held Steady -- New Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Opens its Doors -- Campus Total Enrollment: Comparison Between total Latinx Student Enrollment and University -- Graduates.en_US
dc.publisherOhio State Universityen_US
dc.rightsThis item may be protected by copyright, and is made available here for research and educational purposes. The user is responsible for making a final determination of copyright status. If copyright protection applies, permission must be obtained from the copyright holder to reuse, publish, or reproduce the object beyond the bounds of Fair Use or other exemptions to the law.en_US
dc.title¿Qué Pasa, Ohio State? (Autumn 2017)en_US
dc.title.alternative¿Qué Pasa, OSU? (Autumn 2017)en_US

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