This fourth volume of Buckeye East Asian Linguistics is the proceedings of the Third Buckeye East Asian Linguistics Forum, which was held at The Ohio State University on October 22, 2018. The first two papers, by Professors Thomas Hun-Tak Lee and Richard VanNess Simmons respectively, and the abstract by Professor Yasuhiro Shirai, are based on the three keynote speeches, and the remaining five papers are those submitted out of 17 posters presented in the Forum.

ISSN 2378-9387


Front Matter
pp. i-iv
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The use of child language in linguistic argumentation: Some methodological considerations
Lee, Thomas Hun-tak pp. 1-20
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The current state of the Aspect Hypothesis
Shirai, Yasuhiro pp. 21-22
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Northern and Southern variations on a theme: Notes on the Mandarin koiné of Qīng China
Simmons, Richard VanNess pp. 23-34
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A corpus-based study of Chinese RVC qilai and its interaction with state predicates
Cherici, Alessia pp. 35-45
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Correspondence between the Korean and Mandarin Chinese pronunciations of Chinese characters: A comparison at the sub-syllabic level
Luo, Xiao; Yang, Yike; Sun, Jing; Chen, Nuo pp. 46-56
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The Sino-Korean influence on Middle Korean vowel harmony: A usage-based perspective
de Roulet, Eric D. pp. 57-68
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Chinese cleft constructions: Micro-parametric 'lateral' grammaticalization
Tse, Keith pp. 69-78
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On the use of futsū-ni 'ordinarily/usually' with a new twist
Wakita, Saori pp. 79-89
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