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Editor's Introduction to Volume 4, Issue 1
Donnermeyer, Joseph F.
p. i
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Policing Peers and Selves between Law and Morality: A Socio-Legal Perspective on Managing Misconduct in Hunting
von Essen, Erica; Hansen, Hans Peter
pp. 1-26
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Violent Girls in the United States: Urban, Suburban, and Rural Differences
Rennison, Callie Marie; DeKeseredy, Walter S.
pp. 27-42
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Social Disorganization and Rural/Urban Crime Rates: A County Level Comparison of Contributing Factors
Ward, Kyle C.; Kirchner, EmmaLeigh E.; Thompson, Andrew J.
pp. 43-65
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Reimagining Rural Crime in England: A Historical Perspective
Smith, Kreseda; Byrne, Richard
pp. 66-85
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The Financial Impact of Registered Sex Offenders on Home Sale Prices: A Case Study of McLean County, Illinois
Navarro, John C.; Rabe-Hemp, Cara
pp. 86-109
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Rural Officer Habitus and Attitudes Toward Proposed Changes to Law Enforcement
Contessa, Jason; Wozniak, Jesse S.G.
pp. 110-134
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