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dc.contributor.advisorBailey, Roger
dc.contributor.advisorDickerson, Cheryl
dc.creatorLovely, Jordan
dc.description.abstractTechnology has important effects on business operations in the medical field, and innovation plays a crucial role in sustaining health. One of these innovations is telemedicine, which broadly refers to the use of telecommunications technologies in medical delivery of care. This service allows for the remote diagnosis and management of patient's health, and has recently been employed to improve patient outcomes across a large scope of medical problems. The purpose of this research is to look into the success of telemedicine interventions in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease management in patients, and to analyze whether these interventions bring better results than the normal care routine. As cardiovascular disease and other heart problems affect the health of many people around the world, telemedicine interventions can be used to provide health care to those with CVD, and to help monitor those at high risk for heart disease (prevention of CVD). For this reason, this research focuses solely on the use of telemedicine in patients with cardiovascular conditions. The hypothesis is that telemedicine interventions used in the included cardiovascular condition management scenarios are beneficial, and have a positive relationship with health outcomes for patients. Though previous studies have been conducted to test these telemedicine interventions in CVD, they have shown conflicting results. This project provides a systematic review and meta-analysis that statistically combines data from multiple studies. A search of several databases has provided relevant controlled studies that fulfilled the criteria for inclusion in this review. The selected studies were analyzed using quality outcome measures including hospitalizations and mortality rates. Overall the trends in relative risk showed a lower risk of mortality and hospitalizations with telemedicine when compared to usual care, yet the evidence is not strong enough to signify statistical significance.en_US
dc.publisherThe Ohio State Universityen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesThe Ohio State University. Department of Accounting and MIS Honors Theses; 2018en_US
dc.subjectSystematic Reviewen_US
dc.subjectCardiovascular conditionsen_US
dc.titleTelemedicine Interventions for the Prevention & Treatment of Cardiovascular Condition Management: Systematic Review and Meta-analysisen_US
dc.description.embargoNo embargoen_US
dc.description.academicmajorAcademic Major: Accountingen_US

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