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dc.creatorMorrison, Shannon
dc.creatorBloomster, Brent
dc.creatorPruchnicki, Shawn
dc.creatorMulchaey, Mark
dc.creatorYoung, Seth
dc.creatorVarga, Barbara
dc.creatorStrzempkowski, Brian
dc.identifier.citationEngaged Scholars, v. 6 (2018).en_US
dc.descriptionThe Center for Aviation Studies (CAS) has partnered with the Columbus Regional Airport Authority and Nationwide Children's Hospital to create a day-long outreach workshop that is a first-step approach to overcoming flight anxiety. Outreach participants engage with aviation and health care professionals for hands-on learning to identify and address their fear of flying. CAS hopes to share with other department faculty, staff and outreach coordinators what it has learned in developing and implementing an initiative that leverages the expertise of Ohio State faculty and staff in collaboration with subject matter experts to address community needs. The presentation will focus on the development of the ""Fear of Flying"" class, its implementation, and expectations for the future. CAS and its partners have found an innovative way to share knowledge and expertise that advances the health and wellness of those with a fear of flying. The presentation will be led by the following experts: Dr. Shannon McLoughlin Morrison has an extensive background in education and curriculum development. She has also spent time developing outreach programming for the Center for Aviation Studies. Dr. Morrison currently serves as the curriculum and assessment manager for the Center for Aviation Studies. Her role in the project is to oversee the assessment and analyze best practices. Dr. Brent Bloomster has more than 30 years of experience as a psychologist and counselor. He has provided counseling services in such settings as a children's hospital, community mental health agency, public and private schools, residential treatment center, and community corrections facility. Dr. Bloomster's primary role is to present information to help participants understand anxiety, learn strategies to manage it, and assist them in directly approaching those fears throughout the class. Shawn Pruchnick, M.S. has extensive experience as a pilot, having flown as a captain for Comair Airlines (Delta Connection) in the Canadair CL-65 regional jetliner. Mr. Pruchnicki has worked with the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) as the chief accident investigator at Comair. Currently, Mr. Pruchnicki works in the Center for Aviation Studies as a lecturer and research coordinator. His role with the project has been as an 'aviation expert,' with an ability to share his knowledge with those struggling or unable to fly. Mark Mulchaey, customer service manager, Columbus Regional Airport Authority. Mark has experience with regulatory compliance, emergency planning and preparedness, aviation security, and airport operations. Mark currently leads a team of two full-time staff and more than 60 volunteers responsible for all aspects of the customer experience at John Glenn International Airport. Mark holds degrees in business administration, marketing, and a specialization in aviation. He is also a licensed private pilot.en_US
dc.descriptionAUTHOR AFFILIATION: Shannon Morrison, Curriculum and Assessment Manager, Center for Aviation Studies, (Corresponding Author); Brent Bloomster, Psychologist, Nationwide Children's Hospital; Shawn Pruchnicki, Lecturer, Center for Aviation Studies; Mark Mulchaey, Manager, Customer Service, Columbus Regional Airport Authority; Seth Young, Director, Center for Aviation Studies.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe Center for Aviation Studies, in collaboration with, Nationwide Children's Hospital Behavioral Health Services, the Columbus Regional Airport Authority, have developed a free "Fear of Flying" course for local community members. The course is a one-day interactive session, where participants learn about aviation and strategies to reduce anxiety. The day concludes with the opportunity to experience the security process and board an aircraft with experts on hand to both comfort and inform. The primary goal of the session is to provide a starting point for those with a fear of flying, to begin to understand and eventually overcome that fear.en_US
dc.publisherOhio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagementen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesCommunity Engagement Conference. The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, January 24–25, 2018.en_US
dc.titleFacing Takeoff: A First-Step Approach to Overcoming Flight Anxietyen_US

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