The complexity of societal challenges are best solved through meaningful partnerships representing a diversity of ideas and talents. These meaningful partnerships enhance impact by promoting innovation and relevance.

Engaged Scholars is a catalog of meaningful partnerships involving community engaged research, community engaged teaching and community engaged service, and the associated engaged scholarship and community impacts.

The first five volumes of Engaged Scholars represent Ohio State’s Engagement Forum from 2013-17. Starting with volume 6, Engaged Scholars serves as the proceedings for the university’s annual Community Engagement Conference.

Collections in this community

Engaged Scholars: Volume 6 (2018)
Engaged Scholars: Volume 5 (2017)
Engaged Scholars: Volume 4 (2016)
Engaged Scholars: Volume 3 (2015)
Engaged Scholars: Volume 2 (2014)
Engaged Scholars: Volume 1 (2013)

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