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Mixed Methods in Value Research: An Analysis of the Validity of the Russian Version of the Schwartz Value Survey (SVS) Using Cognitive Interviews, Multidimensional Scaling (MDS), and Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)
Maria Efremova; Tatiana Panyusheva; Peter Schmidt; Florian Zercher pp. 3–30
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A Meta-analysis of Within-Household Selection Impact on Survey Outcome Rates, Demographic Representation and Sample Quality in the European Social Survey
Piotr Jabkowski pp. 31–60
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On the Use of Microsimulation for Investigating Ideological Dissent: Exemplary Analyses of the Values of the European Political Left
Georg P. Mueller pp. 61–80
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Doing Fieldwork on Sensitive Topics: Navigating Memories of Intergroup Violence Committed by Ingroups in Contemporary Poland
Mateusz Magierowski pp. 81–98
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