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Past Reflections and Future Directions in Amish Studies
Special Volume, Issue 2 of 2

Front Matter
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Section 3: Potentialities for New Perspectives in Amish Studies

Birthing New Kinships: The Cross-Pollinating Potential of Amish Health Research
Jolly, Natalie pp. 147-161
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Of Shoulders and Shadows: Selected Amish Scholarship before 1963
Donnermeyer, Joseph F. pp. 162-195
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The Undistinguished Scholar of the Amish, Werner Enninger, -or- Has the Time Yet Come for Rigorous Theory in Amish Studies?
Anderson, Cory pp. 196-238
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Explaining Anabaptist Persistence in the Market Economy: Past Paradigms and New Institutional Economics Theory
Lutz, Martin pp. 239-257
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Bourdieu in Plain Anabaptist Studies? A Symposium Review of Out of Place: Social Exclusion and Mennonite Migrants in Canada by Luann Good Gingrich
Longhofer, Jeffrey; Reschly, Steven; Good Gingrich, Luann pp. 258-269
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Book Review

The Amish: A Concise Introduction By Steven Nolt
Stein, Rachel pp. 270-272
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