Empirical Musicology Review Vol. 2, No. 3, 2007

Issue DOI: https://doi.org/10.18061/1811/81082

Facilitation and Coherence Between the Dynamic and Retrospective Perception of Segmentation in Computer-Generated Music
Bailes, Freya; Dean, Roger T. pp. 74-80
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Documenting Spoken and Sung Texts of the Dagaaba of West Africa
Bodomo, Adams; Mora, Manolete pp. 81-102
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Language Plots in Musical Spaces: A Response to Adams Bodomo and Manolete Mora
Avorgbedor, Daniel pp. 103-109
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Reply to "Embodied Rhythm" by Bruno Repp and "Do Preferred Beat Rate and Entrainment to the Beat Have a Common Origin in Movement?" by Laurel Trainor
Todd, Neil P. McAngus; Lee, Christopher S. pp. 110-112
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Review: McPherson, G.E. (Ed.) The Child as Musician: A Handbook
Russell, Joan pp. 113-118
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Butler, David pp. 119-121
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