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Past Reflections and Future Directions in Amish Studies
Special Volume, Issue 1 of 2

Front Matter
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Section 1: Critical Reflections in Amish Studies

Editor’s Introduction—
Seventy-Five Years of Amish Studies, 1942 to 2017: A Critical Review of Scholarship Trends (with an Extensive Bibliography)
Anderson, Cory pp. 1-65
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Paradigmatic Paradigm Problems: Theory Issues in Amish Studies
Reschly, Steven pp. 66-81
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The Functionalist Problem in Kraybill's Riddle of Amish Culture
Billig, Michael S.; Zook, Elam pp. 82-95
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Section 2: Advances in Methods and Data

Reviving the Demographic Study of the Amish
Colyer, Corey; Anderson, Cory; Stein, Rachel; Donnermeyer, Joseph F.; Wasao, Samson pp. 96-119
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More Than Forty Amish Affiliations? Charting the Fault Lines
Petrovich, Christopher pp. 120-142
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Book Review

Horse-and-Buggy Genius: Listening to Mennonites Contest the Modern World By Royden Loewen
Zimmerman, Janelle pp. 143-146
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