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10 points versus 11 points? Effects of Left-right Scale Design in a Cross-national Perspective
Zuell, Cornelia; Scholz, Evi pp. 3-16
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The Impact of Well-Being on Fertility Intentions – An Analysis Based on the European Social Survey (2010);
Matsuo, Hideko; Matthijs, Koen pp. 17-46
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Sensitive Populations and Self-reflexive Methods: Ethnographic Exploration of Race and Racism in Poland
Grunberg, Sarah pp. 47-60
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Research Projects

The Vanishing Lists: Collecting and Matching Parliamentary Candidate Data in Romania
Chiru, Mihail pp. 61-76
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Advances in Methodology in Poland: Abstracts of Ask: Research and Methods in English, 1995–2007
Bell, Inna; Dubrow, Joshua Kjerulf; Purisch, Ania pp. 77-110
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