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dc.descriptionSilver denarius, 3.1 grams.en_US
dc.descriptionMint: Rome.en_US
dc.descriptionDate: 80 CE.en_US
dc.descriptionOBV: Laureate and bearded head of Domitian, r.; CAESAR DIVI F DOMITIANVS COS VII.en_US
dc.descriptionREV: Altar, garlanded and lighted, with horns on left; PRINCEPS IVVENTVTIS on right.en_US
dc.descriptionBibl.: BMC, Emp. II, p. 239 no. 92.en_US
dc.publisherOhio State University. Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studiesen_US
dc.relationDepartment of Classics Roman Coin Collection catalog:
dc.relation.ispartofseriesOhio State University. Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies. Department of Classics Roman Coin Collection. Coin 34.en_US
dc.rightsThis item may be protected by copyright, and is made available here for research and educational purposes. The user is responsible for making a final determination of copyright status.en_US
dc.titleDOMITIAN (struck under Titus) – RIC II, p. 122, no. 50en_US

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