Table of Contents
City Life Giuseppe Fricano
Spotting Sexual Indifference on the London Underground Giuseppe Fricano
Buttermilk Heartbreak Elizabeth McNamara
For the mornings you fingers are shaking too hard to call me, or your mother, or anyone else Elizabeth McNamara
Homesick Elizabeth McNamara
Swallowing Swords Elizabeth McNamara
Tale of the Lonely Solar System Heart Elizabeth McNamara
The Last Picture from a Trip We Never Took Elizabeth McNamara
To the Girl Death Didn't Call Back Elizabeth McNamara
On The Shore Nicole Ellis
There is a Spider Nicole Ellis
Writer's Block Sarah McCaslin
Day 23 Kaci Miller
30 Easy Ways to Avoid Spiders for the Rest of Your Life Chris Potter
Just One More Alex Sciranka
Sea of Life Alex Sciranka
Thanks for Telling My Eyes Jered Slusher

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