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dc.creatorFlores, Alfinio
dc.creatorPark, Jungeun
dc.creatorSherman, Milan
dc.identifier.citationOhio Journal of School Mathematics, no. 70 (2014), 34-39.en_US
dc.identifier.issn2472-5986 (print)
dc.description.abstractWe present activities, with an interactive computer program, that serve to bridge two related but different concepts, derivative at a point and derivative function, and to help students understand better the relationships between the two. First, students work with tangent lines to the graph of the sine function at several points and then tabulate and graph the values of the slopes of these lines for the corresponding values of x. Then, students extend the function to an interval tracing the values of the slopes as the values of x change. Finally, students graph simultaneously the values of quotients of increments for several values of x to make more explicit the relation between the formal definitions of derivative at a point and derivative function.en_US
dc.publisherOhio Council of Teachers of Mathematicsen_US
dc.rightsThis object is protected by copyright, and is made available here for research and educational purposes. Permission to reuse, publish, or reproduce the object beyond the bounds of Fair Use or other exemptions to copyright law must be obtained from the copyright holder.en_US
dc.titleDerivatives at Several Points: An Important Step between Derivative at a Point and Derivative Functionen_US

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