This volume of Buckeye East Asian Linguistics is a Festschrift, presented in honor of James Marshall Unger, Professor Emeritus of Japanese, on the occasion of his retirement from The Ohio State University in 2015. The volume contains articles and a testimonial delivered by Professor Charles Quinn at Professor Unger's retirement ceremony.

ISSN 2378-9387


Front Matter
pp. i-iv
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An historic historical linguist (and then some): James M. Unger
Quinn, Charles pp. 1-4
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Morpho-lexical evidence for Proto-Korean-Japanese
Francis-Ratté, Alexander pp. 5-17
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Brain activation in an intermediate-level Japanese learner – Correlation analysis of fNIRS data during written tests and conversation –
Hirata, Yu pp. 18-35
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The Sinification of Japanese: Non-linear increase in the usage of Sino-Japanese loanwords
Huang, Evelyn pp. 36-49
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Idiomatic expressions in translated manga: A preliminary study
Kim, Yangsun pp. 50-57
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Referring to Cinderella in L2 Japanese: A preliminary study
Nakayama, Mineharu; Yoshimura, Noriko; Tsuchiya, Shinsuke pp. 58-68
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The epistemic use of yào in Mandarin Chinese and its theoretical implications
Xie, Zhiguo pp. 69-93
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Native Chinese speakers’ perception of Chinese idiom usage by foreign language learners
Zhang, Xin pp. 94-111
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