Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution
Volume 28, Issue 1 (2013)
Symposium 2012
The Role of ADR Mechanisms in Public Sector Labor Disputes: What is at Stake, Where We Can Improve & How We Can Learn from the Private Sector

Table of Contents
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Front Matter with Masthead
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Considering Final Offer Arbitration to Resolve Public Sector Impasses in Times of Concession Bargaining
Carrell, Michael; Bales, Richard pp. 1-36
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The Importance of Impasse Resolution Procedures to Recent Revisions of Wisconsin Public Sector Labor Law
Bellman, Howard S. pp. 37-44
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The Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques to Resolve Public Sector Bargaining Disputes
Craver, Charles B. pp. 45-62
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Unions and ADR: The Relationship between Labor Unions and Workplace Dispute Resolution in U.S. Corporations
Avgar, Ariel C.; Lamare, J. Ryan; Lipsky, David B.; Gupta, Abhishek pp. 63-106
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Innovation and Transformation in Public Sector Employment Relations: Future Prospects on a Contested Terrain
Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Joel; Rubinstein, Saul A. pp. 107-144
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Two Models of Interest Arbitration
Malin, Martin H. pp. 145-169
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Employing the Presidential Executive Order and the Law to Provide Integrated Conflict Management Systems and ADR Processes: The Proposed National Employment Dispute Resolution Act (NEDRA)
Stallworth, Lamont E.; Kaspar, Daniel J. pp. 171-240
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