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Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution
Volume 23, Issue 1 (2007)

Table of Contents
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Introduction to the Symposium Issue on Alternative Dispute Resolution Strategies in End-of-Life Decisions
Liebman, Carol B. pp. 1-16
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Alternative Dispute Resolution and Pediatric Clinical Ethics Consultation: Why the Limits of Ethical Expertise and the Indeterminacy of the Best Interests Standard Favor Mediation
Antommaria, Armand H. Matheny pp. 17-59
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Seeing the Face of the Patient: Considerations in Applying Bioethics Mediation to Non-Competent End-of-Life Decisionmaking
Bierlein, Matthew pp. 61-88
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Conflict Resolution at End-of-Life Relative to Life Support
Douglas, Sharon pp. 89-103
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The Emerging Culture of Health Care: Improving End-of-Life Care through Collaboration and Conflict Engagement Among Health Care Professionals
Gerardi, Debra pp. 105-142
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Mediation at the End of Life: Getting Beyond the Limits of the Talking Cure
Pope, Thaddeus M.; Ellen A., Waldman pp. 143-195
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