This first iteration of the catalogue includes only prints by Chafetz currently in the collection of the Columbus Museum of Art and The Ohio State University. Variations in print states are included when known, but it is possible, and even likely in some instances, that other undocumented or unique states exist. As of 2014, the Sidney Chafetz Artwork Trust is in the process of documenting prints in other collections, as well as those left in the artist’s studio after his death. An inventory of the extant blocks and plates revealed several previously unknown prints, some of which are apparently limited to one or two proofs. As the project continues, the Sidney Chafetz Artwork Trust will update the catalogue with newly documented prints in order to provide a complete and accurate representation of the artist’s oeuvre.

Logo image is: CMA 2013.057.061 "Artist's Profile", 1984, Copyright by The Sidney Chafetz Artwork Trust.

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