As part of The Ohio State University Libraries' Department of Preservation and Reformatting, the Logan Elm Press is dedicated to preserving and advancing the age-old technology of the book. Since its inception in 1978, the Logan Elm Press has supported collaborative research, creative exploration and the enhancement of knowledge through the Arts of the Book (papermaking, fine typography, printing and binding). Editors, designers, scholars, writers, craftspeople and artists regularly engage in hands-on, interdisciplinary teaching and learning experiences at the Press, open to OSU students, faculty and staff as well as the community at large.

Under its imprint, the Logan Elm Press has produced and published many unique, high quality limited edition books and ephemera that reflect the highest standards in the book arts along with the interests and talents of the OSU community. Many Logan Elm Press books and ephemera have won praise for their workmanship and literary and artistic significance, and are included in major institutional and private collections. The Press also has been awarded numerous grants from federal, state and local government agencies, national corporations and philanthropic institutions.

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