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dc.contributorMoritz Law Libraryen_US
dc.creatorDexheimer [Studio]en_US
dc.descriptionFaculty: Arant, H. W., Dean; Hallen, John E.; Harris, Silas A.; Hunter, Robert M.; Lattin, Norman D.; Laylin, Clarence D.; Martin, Arthur T.; Mathews, Robert E.; Rose, William H.; Tuttle, Alonzo H.; Vanneman, Harry W.; Students: Addison, Richard; Alexander, Arvin; Andrews, James; Angel, Harry; Barone, John; Bennett, Frank; Berry, Richard; Cary, Martin; Clark, H. C.; Day, Clarence; Denney, Joseph; Fallen, Arthur; Fitzgerald, Harry; Gibbs, Robert; Goldman, Harry; Gordon, Jerome; Gosline, Robert; Gurcsik, George; Gushman, John; Harbart, Edward; Hardgrove, James; Herbert, Josiah; Hill, James; Hollingsworth, Donald; Howarth, Robert; Hughes, Paul; Hutchins, Eugene; Isselstein, Rudolph; Jackson, Samual; Johnson, Carl; Jones, Robert; Jones, Robert; Kaufman, Ellison; Keller, Harley; Kistler, Judson, President; Kramer, John; Leasure, Russell; Lee, Arthur; Lewis, Benjamin; Luthanen, Lillian; Main, Robert; Mauro, Guy; McCrystal, Robert; Meekison, David; Neffner, Howard; Noeckler, Carl; O'Shaughnessy, Thomas; Parker, Eva; Parrish, Jack; Prentice, Mary; Reed, J. E.; Riegel, Robert; Sharwell, Raymond; Sidener, Forrest; Stern, Joseph; Sullivan, Roger; Teple, Edwin; Topolosky, Maurice; Treitelman, Seymour; Tritschler, James; Tucker, Robert; Wakefield, Ernst; Wenger, Vernon; Wolson, Bernard; Young, Mauriceen_US
dc.publisherMoritz College of Lawen_US
dc.rightsThis image may be copyright-protected. Permission to reuse, publish or reproduce the image beyond the bounds of fair use must be obtained from the image creator or copyright holder.en_US
dc.source25 x 17 in. b&w photographic printen_US
dc.subjectOSU Law Historyen_US
dc.titleCollege of Law Class of 1936en_US

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