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dc.contributorProf. Maria Manta Conroy
dc.creatorFout, Hannah
dc.creatorLanders, Sarah
dc.creatorLundine, Mark
dc.creatorShipman, Michael
dc.creatorTroy, Bridget
dc.creatorAnderson, Josh
dc.creatorArroyo-Rodriguez, Angel
dc.creatorHemingway, Jessica
dc.creatorHnytka, Marc
dc.creatorAlecusan, Diane
dc.creatorJilek, Jeff
dc.creatorKraut, Ian
dc.creatorWhite, Jon
dc.creatorBeer, Angela
dc.creatorCraig, Kelan
dc.creatorDaniel, Elan
dc.creatorLinderud, Krista
dc.creatorWhite, Sarah
dc.descriptionThis is part of a project submitted to fulfill the requirements of the course "City and Regional Planning 724 : Introduction to Planning for Sustainable Development", completed Fall Quarter of 2007 at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofClintonville Urban Design Studio (CRP 724)en
dc.titleClintonville Sustainability Plan : Final Reporten_US

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