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dc.creatorAckerman, Al
dc.creatorAdams, John
dc.creatorAlvarez, Rodolfo A.
dc.creatorAntrim, Kathie
dc.creatorArrieta, Marcia
dc.creatorBanister, Valory
dc.creatorBaroni, Vittore L.
dc.creatorBeining, Guy R.
dc.creatorBennett, Ben
dc.creatorBennett, John Also
dc.creatorBennett, John M.
dc.creatorBerry, Jake
dc.creatorBibbe, Anne-Miek
dc.creatorBreese, Keith T.
dc.creatorBroad, Allison
dc.creatorBurket, Cheryl
dc.creatorBurns, Gerald
dc.creatorChirodea, Doru
dc.creatorCorbett, M. B.
dc.creatorCrouse, John
dc.creatorCrozier, Robin
dc.creatorDaniel III, Hal J.
dc.creatorDebrot, Jacques
dc.creatorDelgado, Ralph '$50,000' Party
dc.creatorDinkel, Harold
dc.creatorDoctorovich, Fabio
dc.creatorDorsey, John
dc.creatorElsberg, John
dc.creatorErickson, Ann
dc.creatorEstabrook, Michael
dc.creatorStrangulensis, Ficus
dc.creatorFlink, Chris
dc.creatorFreeman, Jessica
dc.creatorFrost, Celestine
dc.creatorGordon, Chris
dc.creatorGorman, LeRoy
dc.creatorGrey, John
dc.creatorGrumman, Bob
dc.creatorHagglund, S. Gustav
dc.creatorHawk, Aaron
dc.creatorHeman, Bob
dc.creatorHill, Crag
dc.creatorJohns, Larry
dc.creatorJohnson, James
dc.creatorJones, Donald
dc.creatorKeeney, Scott
dc.creatorKelley, Bay
dc.creatorKempton, Karl
dc.creatorKostelanetz, Richard
dc.creatorLeftwich, Jim
dc.creatorLense, Edward
dc.creatorLeonard, Eel
dc.creatorLipman, Joel
dc.creatorLittle, Jeffrey
dc.creatorLoder, Asylum V.
dc.creatorLopes, Damian
dc.creatorLorenc, Theo
dc.creatorLowther, John
dc.creatorMcComas, Steve
dc.creatorMcElwain, Laurel
dc.creatorDi Michele, A.
dc.creatorMurnet, J. S.
dc.creatorMurphy, Sheila E.
dc.creatorNelson, Jason
dc.creatorPhillips, Walt
dc.creatorPoole, Francis
dc.creatorSegay, Serge
dc.creatorSelby, Spencer
dc.creatorSherman, Glans T.
dc.creatorStoole, Claude
dc.creatorSuel, Lucien
dc.creatorSykes, C. C.
dc.creatorSt. Thomasino, Gregory Vincent
dc.creatorThorne, Stephen
dc.creatorValente, Peter
dc.creatorVreeland, Zak
dc.creatorWeinman, Paul
dc.creatorZarate, Armando
dc.publisherLuna Bisonte Prodsen_US
dc.rightsAll rights belong to the individual authors and artistsen_US
dc.titleLost and Found Times, No. 37en_US
dc.rights.ccAttribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unporteden_US

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Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported
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