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dc.contributorZubieta, Ana Claudia
dc.contributorMims, Sheryl D.
dc.contributorRemley, Dan
dc.contributorAngell, Deb
dc.contributor.advisorMelgar-Quiñonez, Hugo
dc.creatorYe, Qian
dc.description.abstractBackground: This study aims to assess a hypothesized monthly cycle of food abundance-shortage among food insecure/overweight-obese (FIS/Ow-Ob) women as a possible explanation to the paradoxical relationship between food insecurity and overweight/obesity. Methods: Overweight and obesity were determined by a Body Mass Index (BMI) ≥ 25. A validated shelf-food inventory was used to determine household food supply, and dietary intakes were measured by 24-hour dietary recalls. Food insecurity was measured using the USDA Household Food Security Supplemental Module (US-HFSSM). Differences in the number of shelf-food items and energy/nutrient intake between week1 and week4 were determined through paired t-tests. Results: 22 women participating in the Ohio Family Nutrition Program (77% overweight/obese, 91% food insecure) were interviewed at the beginning and the end of the month (week1, week4) to determine their dietary energy intake (EI) and household food supply. Among FIS/Ow-Ob women (n=16), the number of shelf-food items (week1: 86.8, week4: 62.6, p=0.0004) and EI (week1: 2157.2 kcal, week4: 1665.9 kcal, p=0.04) decreased significantly when comparing measures at week1 and week4. A significant decrease in fat intake was observed as well (p=0.02). Significant drops were also observed in food supply for food groups of grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, and meat & beans (p≤0.05). Conclusion: These findings suggest the existence of a monthly cycle of food abundance-shortage among FIS/Ow-Ob women, who might be experiencing a caloric overconsumption on week1, when food is more abundant, as a response to the food shortage on week4. Nutrition education and policy interventions are needed to better distribute the available resources throughout the month to avoid such variations.en
dc.description.sponsorshipOhio Agricultural Research and Development Center (Grant # OHOA1277)en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesHuman Nutrition. Graduate student poster competition, 2009en
dc.subjectfood insecurityen
dc.subjectenergy intakeen
dc.subjectfood supplyen
dc.titleAssessing the monthly cycle of food abundance-shortage cycle in food insecure/overweight-obese womenen

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