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dc.contributorRemenyik, Charlotte
dc.creatorTwarog, Leon I., 1919-
dc.descriptionSamuel Cross: Chair of the Slavic Department at Harvard in late '40's (p. 6) -- Justina Epp: early Instructor in Russian at Ohio State (pp. 8-9) -- Charles Morley: Professor of Russian and Polish history at OSU (p. 9) -- Lou Nemzer: Prof. of Political Science at OSU (p. 9) -- Michael Condoide: Prof. of Economics at OSU (p. 9) -- J. Osborne Fuller: Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (p. 10) -- Rudolph Zrimc: Professor of Linguistics at OSU (p. 21) -- Anela Rugaleva: Prof. of Russian (p. 28) -- Prof. Krzyzanowski, Prof. of Polish (p. 28) -- Prof. James Scanlan: Prof. of Philosophy (p. 31) -- Prof. John Quigley: Prof. of Law (pp. 32-33) -- Prof. Warren Eason: Full Professor of Economics (p. 37) -- Prof. George Demko: Full Professor of Geography (pp. 37, 39) -- Dr. Fred Heimberger: VP for Academic Affairs (p. 42) -- Dr. J. Osborne Fuller: Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (p. 42) -- Dr. Jim McCoy: Dean of the College of Commerce (p. 42) -- Richard Armitage: Dean of the Graduate School (p. 42) -- Merwin Smith: Asso. Dean of the College of Agriculture (p. 42) -- Nicholas Servino: Prof. of Education (p. 42) -- Sydney Fisher: Prof. of Middle Eastern History (p. 42) -- Jack Corbally: Provost (p. 43) -- Herman Wells: President of the University of Indiana (p. 50) Gene Gilliom: Professor of Education (p. 53) Father Meteja Matejic: Prof. of Russian Lit, and a founder of Hilander Center(pp. 55-58, 66) -- Pedrag Matejic: Curator of Hilander Research Library (pp. 56, 63) -- Father Paissey: a monk and founder of modern Bulgarian literature (pp. 58, 66-68) -- Dr. William Studer: Librarian for Ohio State (pp. 59, 61) -- Father Mitrofan: a monk from Hilander Monastery (pp. 59, 64-65) -- Diether Haenicke: Provost and former Dean of College of Humanities (pp. 62-63) -- Micheal Riley: Dean of the College of Humanities (p. 63) -- Tony Melnikas: long-time Professor at Ohio State imprisoned for stealing documents (p. 64) -- Januarious Aloysius McGahan: journalist esteemed in Bulgaria (p. 67) -- Alexander Fol: Bulgarian Minister of Education (p. 68)en
dc.description.abstractDr. Leon Twarog had a long and productive career at Ohio State University. Major topics discussed include the creation and growth of the Dept. of Slavic Languages and Literatures; building a great national library collection; developing a successful travel-study program; the establishment of the Hilandar Center; and the development of new area programs (Slavic and East European, East Asian and Middle East.)en
dc.publisherOhio State University Archivesen
dc.relation.isformatof2 audio tapes available in the University Archivesen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesOhio State University. University Archives Oral History Program. Ohio State University Oral History Projecten
dc.subjectHilandar Research Libraryen
dc.subject.lcshTwarog, Leon I., 1919- -- Interviewsen
dc.subject.lcshOhio State University -- History -- Sourcesen
dc.subject.lcshOhio State University. Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies -- Historyen
dc.subject.lcshOhio State University. Dept. of Slavic Languages and Literatures -- Historyen
dc.subject.lcshHilandar Research Library -- Historyen
dc.titleInterview of Leon I. Twarog by Charlotte Remenyiken

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