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dc.creatorLacherez, Philippe
dc.identifier.citationEmpirical Musicology Review, v3 n3 (July 2008), 161-162en_US
dc.description.abstractHoning and Ladinig (2008) make the assertion that while the internal validity of web-based studies may be reduced, this is offset by an increase in external validity possible when experimenters can sample a wider range of participants and experimental settings. In this paper, the issue of internal validity is more closely examined, and it is agued that there is no necessary reason why internal validity of a web-based study should be worse than that of a lab-based one. Errors of measurement or inconsistencies of manipulation will typically balance across conditions of the experiment, and thus need not necessarily threaten the validity of a study’s findings.en_US
dc.publisherEmpirical Musicology Reviewen_US
dc.subjectinternal validityen_US
dc.subjectweb-based studiesen_US
dc.titleThe internal validity of web-based studiesen_US

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