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dc.creatorBrinkers, Henry S.
dc.identifier.isbn0814201652 (print)
dc.identifier.otherOCLC #571940 (print)
dc.identifier.otherLCCN 71188740 (print)
dc.description(print) x, 276 p. : ill. : 24 cmen
dc.description.abstractThe essays assembled in this volume were prepared by the authors for presentation on the campus of the Ohio State University at the Thomas A. Boyd interdisciplinary conference on decision-making aids. Through the financial support of the College of Engineering, the Thomas A. Boyd Lecture Fund, and the School of Architecture, the conference was established as a means for bringing together an interdisciplinary group of scientists and scholars for a wide-ranging discussion of the many aspects of emerging decision-aid research and applications along with their implications for professional activities and professional education. Consonant with the excellence and achievement stimulated by Thomas A. Boyd's support for higher education, the conference and the papers presented in this volume are dedicated to the advancement of the use of scientific methods for decision-making within the several disciplines concerned with enhancing environment and the well-being of people.en
dc.description.tableofcontentsPreface. p.ix -- Introduction. p.3 -- PART 1: Decision-making strategies. -- Personalistic decision theory: exposition and critique. p.19 -- The Study of collective decisions. p.42 -- PART 2: Decision-making aids -- Information science as an aid to decision-making. p.69 -- Toward a working theory of automated design. p.85 -- The Generation of form by geometric methods. p.112 -- PART 3: Decision aid applications -- Decision aids for the planning and development of university facilities. p.127 -- Analytic approaches to facility layout and design. p.137 -- Development action sequencing under highly constrained conditions. p.147 -- Adaptive diagnosis of problems. p.157 -- PART 4: Human creativity and judgment -- Managing visual information. p.173 -- Matching decision aids with intuitive styles. p.190 -- Conceptual models in design. p.205 -- PART 5: Implications -- Who looks at the whole system? p.223 -- Decision aids: needs and prospects. p.247 -- Epilogue. p.261 -- Notes on the contribution. p.265 -- Index. p.267en
dc.publisherThe Ohio State University Pressen
dc.titleDecision-making: creativity, judgment, and systemsen

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