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dc.contributor.advisorBabcock, Loren E.
dc.creatorWillis, Addison O.
dc.description.abstractSeven trace fossil genera and four body fossil genera have been found in the sandstone facies (Buena Vista Member) of the Cuyahoga Formation (Lower Mississippian) at Pine Quarry Park in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Ichnogenera identified are Scalarituba, Gordia, Zoophycos, Helminthoidia, Phycosiphon, Planolites, and Laevicyclus. Zoophycos and Laevicyclus are found in the lower beds; Gordia and Helminthoidia are more common in the upper beds. Scalarituba and Planolites are found throughout the beds. Together, the trace fossils of the upper part of the quarry are indicative of the Cruziana ichnofacies. Lower in the section the facies seems to be of the Skolithos ichnofacies. Associated body fossils found are Platycrinities sp., Gilbertsocrinus? sp., Dictyoclostus sp., Fenestrellina sp., and unidentifiable blastoid fragments. At the Reynoldsburg locality, deposition is interpreted to have taken place in a shallow water setting near an ancient deltaic environment.en_US
dc.publisherThe Ohio State Universityen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesThe Ohio State University. Department of Geological Sciences Senior Theses; 1996en_US
dc.titleTrace and Body Fossils from the Cuyahoga Formation (Mississippian), Reynoldsburg, Ohioen_US

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