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dc.creatorEsplin, Mark P.en_US
dc.creatorRothman, Laurence S.en_US
dc.creatorVanasse, G. A.en_US
dc.creatorHuppi, R. J.en_US
dc.descriptionThis work was supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.en_US
dc.description.abstractHigh resolution $(0.007 cm^{-1})$ absorption spectra of isotopically enriched $CO_{2}$ at 800K have been obtained using the Air Force Geophysics Laboratory (AFGL) high resolution interferometer. The enriched sample provided by the Los Alamos National Laboratory contains 46% ${^{12}C}{^{16}O}{^{18}O}$ and 17% ${^{12}C}{^{18}O_{2}}$. Measurements were made with a gas pressure of 3 and 6 Torr using a 3.5 meter high temperature absorption cell. In addition to spectra taken at 800K, observations were also made at 500K and 300K to assist in the identification of the densely packed spectra, Improved spectroscopic constants which predict the positions of lines belonging to the vibration-rotation bands which have been identified, will be presented.en_US
dc.format.extent86199 bytes
dc.publisherOhio State Universityen_US
dc.titleANALYSIS OF HIGH TEMPERATURE SPECTRA OF ${^{12}C}{^{16}O}{^{18}O}$ and ${^{12}C}{^{18}O_{2}}$ IN THE $4.3 \mu m$ REGIONen_US

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