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dc.contributor.advisorBibyk, Steven
dc.creatorBeck, Brian
dc.description.abstractThe past decade has seen a relative explosion in the field of wireless sensing applications. The market for sensing equipment and sensing applications has increased rapidly and has been subject to constant changes. Many startup companies have emerged in this market seeking to create new profitable ideas and to influence the standardization of new technology. This paper seeks to provide a basic explanation of the wireless sensor market as it currently exists in the United States. First is given a very brief overview of some companies (many of them startups) currently in the wireless sensing market. Methods of acquiring accurate market data are also explored. The startup company modeling software QuickUp is then introduced. Its ability to model a wireless sensor network company realistically is demonstrated by comparing its results with those of the WiFiveO business plan. Further, the paper will investigate the viability of two wireless sensor applications in the context of creating startups. The detailed analysis involves two Ohio State University project teams, GreenFang and Accel to 3-D. Full QuickUp models are provided, with conclusions focusing on attaining profitability as a startup company with this technology.en
dc.format.extent608649 bytes
dc.publisherThe Ohio State Universityen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesThe Ohio State University. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Honors Theses; 2007en
dc.subjectwireless sensor networksen
dc.subjectnesheim groupen
dc.subjectmarket researchen
dc.subjectAccel to 3Den
dc.titleQuickUp Analysis of Wireless Sensor Network Startup Companiesen

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