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dc.contributor.advisorSchmiedeler, James
dc.creatorKnox, Brian
dc.description.abstractBiped robots have the potential to revolutionize and enhance the lives of humans. However, to function effectively in a realistic environment, biped robots must be able to perform complex, high-speed dynamic maneuvers. No biped robot to date has been capable of performing truly fluid and lifelike dynamic maneuvers, primarily because there is no comprehensive understanding of the design and control necessary to accomplish dynamic maneuvers. The proposed research project seeks to understand the mechanical design requirements necessary to achieve complex dynamic maneuvers through evaluating the design of a prototype series-compliant hopping leg. Design modifications will be made to enhance the reliability and controllability of the leg for high-speed jumping based on experimental observation. Also, a simplified analytical model of the leg will be developed to gain a fundamental understanding of the leg’s operation and to improve the hardware’s performance. The results of this research are intended to aid in the future development of a full biped robot. Advisor: Dr. James Schmiedeleren
dc.format.extent2753112 bytes
dc.publisherThe Ohio State Universityen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesThe Ohio State University. Department of Mechanical Engineering Honors Theses; 2007en
dc.subjectSeries Complienten
dc.subjectDynamic Maneuversen
dc.subjectLegged Locomotionen
dc.titleEvaluation of a Prototype Series-Complient Hopping Leg for Biped Robot Applicationsen

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