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dc.creatorHelmreich, Paul C.
dc.identifier.isbn0814201709 (print)
dc.identifier.otherOCLC #694027 (print)
dc.identifier.otherLCCN 73012812 (print)
dc.description(print) xiii, 376 p. : illus. ; 24 cmen
dc.description.tableofcontentsPreface xi -- Chapter I The Aims and Attitudes of the Great Powers -- The Armistice of Mudros / Wartime Agreements and Commitments / Aims of the Great Powers / New Friction in Paris / The League and the Mandate System 3 -- Chapter II The Claims of the Near Eastern Delegations -- Greek Claims / Armenian Claims / Arab Claims : Syria / Zionist Claims : Palestine 38 -- Chapter III The Dispatch of a Commission of Inquiry to the Near East -- Decision to Send a Commission of Inquiry / French and British Attempts to Reverse the Decision / Negotiations Between Feisal and Clemenceau / Anglo-French Differences over Syria 64 -- Chapter IV The Committee on Greek Affairs and the Occupation of Smyrna -- The Report of the Greek Committee / Rejection of the Report / United States Capitulation on Greek Claims / Greek Occupation of Smyrna 83 -- Chapter V Anatolia and Constantinople : The Question of Mandates -- The Constantinople Government and the C.U.P. / The Turkish Delegation to the Peace Conference / Decision to Partition Anatolia / Decision Not to Partition Anatolia 107 -- Chapter VI The British Evacuation of Armenia and Syria -- Britain Withdraws from Armenia / French Occupation of Syria / Attempts to Revoke the September Agreement 131 -- Chapter VII Frontiers in Thrace and Occupation Zones in Asia Minor -- Partial Solution in Thrace / Greek and Italian Zones of Occupation in Asia Minor / The Tittoni-Venizelos Agreement / Dispatch of a Commission of Inquiry to Smyrna / Report of the Milne Commission / Report of the Smyrna Commission / Britain Stands by Greece 153 -- Chapter VIII Anglo-French Private Negotiations -- Anglo-French Tensions / The December Discussions / Anatolian Mandates / Greek, Italian, and French Claims to Asia Minor / Constantinople and the Straits / Control of the Anatolian Turkish State 179 -- Chapter IX Further Anglo-French Discussions -- Armenia / Kurdistan / Mosul / Oil Rights / Syria and Palestine / New Anglo-French Complications Appear 201 -- Chapter X The Turkish Nationalists and the Peace Negotiations -- Program of the Nationalists / The Allies and the Nationalists / Effect of the Nationalist Movement on December Anglo-French Conversations 230 -- Chapter XI The Conference of London : The Turkish State -- Constantinople / The Straits / Financial Control of the Turkish State / Spheres of Influence in Turkey / Military Provisions / Minorities 242 -- Chapter XII The Conference of London : Non-Turkish Territories and Treaty Enforcement -- Greek Claims / Armenia / Syria and Palestine / Oil Rights / North Africa / The Occupation of Constantinople / The Conference of London and the United States 265 -- Chapter XIII The Conference at San Remo -- The Turkish State / Non-Turkish Territories / Oil Rights / The San Remo Conference and the United States / The San Remo Conference and the Turkish Nationalists 291 -- Chapter XIV The Treaty of Sevres -- Press Reaction to the Treaty / The Nationalist-French Cease-Fire Agreement / Greek Intervention / Cancellation of the Tittoni-Venizelos Agreement / Signing of the Treaty / Evaluation / The Peace Treaty in Perspective 314 -- Appendixes -- Armistice with Turkey / The Sykes-Picot Agreement / Maps 339 -- Bibliography 349 -- Index 369en
dc.format.extent21275155 bytes
dc.publisherThe Ohio State University Pressen
dc.subject.lcshParis Peace Conference (1919-1920). Turkey
dc.subject.lcshWorld War, 1914-1918 -- Territorial questions -- Turkey
dc.titleFrom Paris to Sèvres: the partition of the Ottoman Empire at the Peace Conference of 1919-1920en

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