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dc.creatorHerrick, John H.
dc.identifier.otherHerrick ID: S 21, S 22, S 23, S 24, S 25
dc.descriptionEntry created by John H. Herrick February 20, 1973.en
dc.descriptionJohn H. Herrick Archives: Documenting Structures at The Ohio State Universityen
dc.descriptionThe University Archives has determined that this item is of continuing value to OSU's history.en
dc.description.abstractThe Farm Science Review Buildings S 21/25 were one-story prefabricated metal buildings erected in the summer of 1972 for the Farm Science Review and were temporary as to their existence and location. The lot numbers of Buildings S21/25 for the Farm Science Review were as follows: S21 - Lot 218, S22 - Northwest corner Kauffman and Corn, S23 - Lot 120, S24 - Lots 87 and 88, S25 - Lot 54. Building S 22 was carried in Campus Planning records as Building 981.en
dc.format.extent264561 bytes
dc.format.extent70612 bytes
dc.publisherThe Ohio State Universityen
dc.rightsThis object may be copyright-protected. Permission to reuse, publish or reproduce the object beyond the bounds of fair use must be obtained from the object publisher or copyright holder.en
dc.titleFarm Science Reviewen

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