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dc.creatorBousquet, Robert R.en_US
dc.creatorSteimle, T. C.en_US
dc.descriptiona. Wright, R. R. and Miller, T.A., J. Mol. Spec. 194, (1999). b. Scurlock, C.T. Fletcher, D.A. and Steimle, T.C. J.Chem. Phys. 101, 7255, (1994).en_US
dc.descriptionAuthor Institution: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Arizona State Universityen_US
dc.description.abstractThe high resolution laser induced fluorescence spectrum of MgNC was recorded for the $\tilde{A}^{2}\Pi_{3/2} (0,0,0) - X^{2}\Sigma^{+}_{3/2} (0,0,0)$ and the $\tilde{A}^{2}\Pi _{1/2}(0,0,0) - X^{2}\Sigma_{1/2}(0,0,0)$ band systems and optical Stark measurements were performed on the $^{Q}R_{12} (0.5)$ and $^{P}Q_{12} (0.5)$ branch features. The field free spectrum of this band system was first measured by Wright and $Miller^{a}$. The MgNC radicals were produced by the laser ablation of a magnesium rod in the presence of a acetonitrile/argon supersonic expansion. The permanent electric dipole moment, $\mu$, for $^{24}MgNC$ was determined to be 3.116(36)D and 3.424 (103)D for the $\tilde{A}^{2}\Pi _{1/2} (0,0,0)$ and $X^{2}\Sigma^{+}_{1/2} (0,0,0)$ states, respectively. The analysis of the Stark measurements will be reported and a comparison of the permanent dipole moments of MgNC and $CaNC^{b}$ will be given.en_US
dc.format.extent93096 bytes
dc.publisherOhio State Universityen_US
dc.titleOPTICAL STARK MEASUREMENT FOR THE $\tilde{A}^{2}\Pi(0,0,0) - X^{2}\Sigma^{+}(0,0,0)$ OF MgNCen_US

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