$H_{2}O$ SPECTRUM AT 1.1 $\mu$

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Title: $H_{2}O$ SPECTRUM AT 1.1 $\mu$
Creators: Chen, Wan Wan; Chen, Da-Wun; Narahari Rao, K.
Issue Date: 1976
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: In a continuing effort to study different aspects of the infrared spectrum of water vapor, the 1.1 $\mu$m bands of $H_{2}{^{16}}O (8530-9100 cm^{-1}$) have been recorded with a ten-meter focal length vacuum infrared spectrograph using a cooled photomultiplier as a detector. Using a path length of 24 meters and water vapor pressure between 4-16 mm of Hg the rotational structure observed has been mainly due to the $\nu_{1} + \nu_{2} + \nu_{3}$ band of the $H_{2}^{16}O$ molecule.
Description: Author Institution: Department of Physics, The Ohio State University
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1811/9586
Other Identifiers: 1976-FC-8
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