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Title: CO $1 \leftarrow 0$ VIBRATION-ROTATION BAND
Creators: Lin, K. F.; Blass, W. E.; Jennings, D. E.
Issue Date: 1975
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: Twenty-three lines (P19 to R3) of $^{12}C^{16}O$ (1-0) were measured using the UTMSL 5-meter Littrow spectrometer. The $^{12}C^{16} O$ (2-0) band was used for $calibration.^{1}$ If the values of $B_{0}$ and $D_{0}$ calculated by $Guelachvili^{1}$ are used in fitting a molecular model, we obtain $B_{1}$ 1,9050276 ($\pm$ 0.2966 E-05). Standard deviation of the fit is 0.63 $\times 10^{-5} cm^{-1}$. Band center is at $2143.2689 cm^{-1}$ compared to $2143.2711 cm^{-1}$ by Valentin $et al.^{2}$ Some methods developed to process the data taken from 7 scans of the $^{12}C_{16}$ (1-0) and (2-0) spectrum have led to good understanding of the performance of screw-driven tangent arm scanning instruments that sample data under “clock” control. Relations between the degree of accuracy of calibration and density of calibrating lines for a spectrum will be discussed. Methods to check adequacy of fitting a spectrum with the polynomial $\nu_{j} = \Sigma_{{m}_{{i}=0}}{a}_{i}{N}_{j}$ (where $N_{j}$ is the “sampling index” for the jth line center) will be presented.
Description: $^{1}$Guelachvili, Optics Communications 8, 171 (July, 1973). $^{2}$Quoted by A. W. Mantz et al., J. Mol. Spectrosc. 53, 466 (1974).""
Author Institution: Molecular Spectroscopy Laboratory, Department of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Tennessee
Other Identifiers: 1975-WE-04
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