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Title: THE 333 nm ($\Pi$,$\Pi^{*}$) TRANSITION OF PYRIMIDAZOLE
Creators: Russell, Joel W.
Issue Date: 1975
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The 333 nm ($\Pi$,$\Pi^{*}$) transition of pyrimidazole has been observed in absorption spectra of the vapor and in doped naphthalene and naphthalene-$d_{8}$ crystals. The vapor phase origin occurs at $30 035 cm^{-1}$ with three site origins observed in the mixed crystal spectra with contrasting phonon structures. The prominent vibrational frequencies observed in vapor spectra are $270, 398, 604, 749. 760, 850, 902, 1006, 1108, 1176, 1188, 1268, 1335, 1367$, and $1562 cm^{-1}$ Crystal spectra show with very small matrix shifts the $398, 604, 760, 902$, and $1108 cm^{-1}$ vibrational modes. Work is continuing to refine the polarizations of the observed features and to correlate excited state vibrational frequencies with ground state frequencies obtained from infrared and Raman studies.
Description: This study was initiated while the investigator held a Faculty Research Fellowship from Oakland University in the laboratory of Professor I. G. Ross at the Australian National University.
Author Institution: Department of Chemistry, Oakland University
Other Identifiers: 1975-RH-03
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