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Title: CORIOLIS INTERACTION IN THE $v_{2}$, $v_{4}$ BANDS OF $PH_{3}$
Creators: Sarka, K.; Yin, Peter K. L.; Rao, K. Narahari
Issue Date: 1971
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: The effects of Coriolis resonance in the $v_{2}$ and $v_{4}$ bands of $PH_{3}$ have been studied. Spectra were obtained by employing a liquid helium cooled Ge:Cu detector. Since the working resolution achieved was about $0.04 cm^{-1}$, the Q branches and K-type doublets were well resolved. High resolution combined with the application of numerical methods of analysis developed for this type of $resonance^{1}$ should permit significant improvement in the precision of the molecular constants determined from the data. A discussion will be presented of the results achieved.
Description: $^{1}$K. Sarka, D. Papousek and K. Narahari Rao, J. Mol. Spectroscopy, 37, 1 (1971).""
Author Institution: Department of Physics, The Ohio State University
Other Identifiers: 1971-G-10
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