The 600{\AA} BAND OF $He_{2}$

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Title: The 600{\AA} BAND OF $He_{2}$
Creators: Yoshino, K.; Tanaka, Y.
Issue Date: 1963
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: “The 600 \AA band of $He_{2}$, produced with an uncondensed discharge in helium, was studied at room temperature and at liquid nitrogen temperature. A densitometer trace of the band shows intensity fluctuations with fifteen peaks extending from about 600 to 790 \AA. When the discharge was operated at liquid nitrogen temperature, the peaks showed a slight wavelength shift toward the longer wavelengths. It is suggested that the band is produced ill the transition $A^{1}\Sigma_{u}^{+} - X’ \Sigma_{g}^{+}$ and that, it originates in highly excited vibrational levels of the A-state. Such a highly excited molecule would be produced by two colliding atoms, one in the $ls^{2} {^{1}}S_{0}$ state, the other in the $ls2s^{1}S_{0}$ state., as they pass through the potential hill which was calculated by Buckingham and $Dalgarno.^{1}$”
Description: $^{1}$R. A. Buckingham and A. Dalgarno, Proc. Roy. Soc. London(A), 213, 327 (1952).
Author Institution: Wentworth Institute; Space Physics Laboratory, Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories
Other Identifiers: 1963-L-8
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