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Title: THE BAND SHAPE OF $\nu_{3}$ OF LIQUID $CS_{2}$
Creators: Gallup, G. A.
Issue Date: 1956
Publisher: Ohio State University
Abstract: Measurements of the infrared active fundamental of liquid $CS_{2}$ ($1510 cm^{-1}$) indicate as is to be expected that there is a breakdown of the gaseous rotational selection rules. The general aspect of the band is Gaussian. However, deviations from the Gaussian shape strongly suggest that there are a number of sub-bands or branches on either side of the central maximum. As many as 8 of these branches are visible. Theoretical considerations using simple potential functions indicate that the selection rules for a parallel band of a linear molecule in a liquid could be $\Delta{M}= \O$; $AJ=O,\pm 2, \pm 4$,.... and $\Delta{M}=\pm 1$; $AJ=\pm 1$ with perhaps the addition of $\pm 3, \pm 5$,.... An interpretation of the band shape in terms of these selection rules and potential functions allows an estimate of the force tending to hold the molecule in a given direction in the liquid.
Description: Author Institution: Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Nebraska
Other Identifiers: 1956-Q-5
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