The University in Transition

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Title: The University in Transition
Issue Date: 1946
Abstract: Made primarily for the Ohio state legislature to see the need for providing for the flood of Ohio State University students coming back as GI's and others after WWII.
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Made primarily for the Ohio state legislature to see the need for providing for the flood of students coming back as GI's and others after WWII. Written and directed by Robert Wagner, photography by Don Schleich, narrator was Glenn Ellstrom, voice of the veteran was by Murray Lockard, music selection was by Ed A. Sprague. The sound was recorded and the film was put together in Kansas City. Beginning with the entranceway at 15th and High, a sign indicating that 17,198 Ohio-Staters were in the service and 677 had died to date. This is followed by general scenes of the campus as it was in 1946. The search for housing and the crowded classrooms, the high percentage of return veterans, the crowded dormitories, the students living in the tower, the building of additions to the stadium to accommodate the population, the temporary housing on west campus for veterans which are two story barracks buildings, students moving into the veterans housing complex, the trailer village out at the Ohio State Fairground which was lived in by some students including married students, temporary classroom buildings which were military shacks and classes running into the night in all part of the campus, the crowded temporary eating facilities and groups of students sitting on the steps of the library and filling the main library. Main librarian Earl Manchester looks at the main room of the library and shakes his head. Student activities in the Ohio Union, series of teachers shown in the classroom, the third teacher is Professor Alpheous Smith, followed by Professor Marion Smith in the College of Engineering who is explaining an airplane engine to a group of students, a veterinary laboratory, followed by a shot of a baby being cared for by a group of students in nursing or home economics, Dean of Women Christine Conaway is shown discussing matters with students, the student tea party, a WOSU radio program, the elementary education center that shows Dr. Laura Zerby at the blackboard, experimentation with radar, the university farms, the chemical engineering laboratory, and a exercise room in the athletic department for the rehabilitation of veterans who have been wounded or otherwise disabled. Aptitude testing and job application and consultation is shown followed by the marching band, former Athletic Director St. John is shown shaking hands, Coach Bixler is shown running out on the field with the team, a faculty seminar followed by shots of the campus, then a shot of the Board of Trustees presided over by Howard Bevis, the voice of the president is heard over this explaining the plans for the future of the university using a large wall mural to make his point. On the fade out two students are seen walking toward the main library. Good historical material showing the situation on campus following WWII.
Length: 30 minutes
Publisher: Ohio State University
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