OSU International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy

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The OSU International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy has met annually for over 60 years. The subjects covered at the meeting include all experimental and theoretical aspects of rotational, vibrational, and electronic spectroscopy of molecules in the gas phase or in other environments providing relevant spectra. Also included are applications of molecular spectroscopy in related fields such as physics, chemistry, atmospheric science, astronomy, remote sensing and so on. This repository contains the abstracts of every paper presented at the Symposium through 2013. Complete presentations from authors who have so authorized are also included for Symposium years 2005 to 2013.

NOTE: Those presentations without an abstract printed in the proceedings will not have an abstract (image or text) in the Knowledge Bank record.

Viewing the Abstracts

Abstracts may be viewed as plain text in the Knowledge Bank record or as an image. To view the image of an abstract from an item page, click the abstract file under "Files" or the abstract thumbnail under "View"

Searching and Browsing the Abstracts

The formulas and special characters appearing in titles and abstracts have been encoded with TeX, denoted with "$"'s around the expression, to facilitate searching. In general, note and follow these instructions:

  • At this time, searches are not case-sensitive.
  • Use quotation marks around search terms or phrases (i.e., "Intermolecular Forces" or "H_2 O").
  • To search Greek letters or other special characters, write their names out (i.e., \pi, \leftarrow, \Sigma, pm (for plus minus), etc.).
  • If searching expression found in an abstract, replace each "\$" symbol with quotation marks (i.e., \$Kr^{3+}\$ becomes "Kr^{3+}" or \$^{1}\Sigma^{+}_{u}\$ becomes "^{1}\Sigma^{+}_{u}" to search).
  • Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) must be ALL CAPS when used (i.e., Nafie AND 1990, title:"H_ 2" NOT 1985, etc.)
  • If, when searching a molecule, no hits are returned, try adding a space between any sub- or superscripted element in the search term (i.e., "C_6H_6" will not produce hits, but "C_6 H_6" will).

The abstracts are grouped by decade. Each decade serves as a collection within the Symposium community. The "Issue Date," "Author," and "Title" options on each collection page allow browsing by those fields.

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